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Added: 2018-01-04

Dear customers and friends,

On the occasion of the New Year we would like to wish you all the best, many successes and prosperity in the upcoming 2018.

We at Messor have just noted another success. Today we have received information from the European Union Intellectual Property Office that we were given a certificate of registration on the design of our Messor UTV vehicle. It means a great deal to us and we hope that our work on this vehicle will sill develop so well.

We are really glad to inform about this fact all our customers, coworkers and friends. Keep up the good work!

With regards,
Messor Team

About us

Messor Sp z o. o. was established at the beginning of 2017 as an initiative of few team members of the company. Our team have started R&D of a proto electric vehicle beginning of 2016.

Following a common decision, we’ve started activities leading to vehicle development and formalized the cooperation. The project team focused on: The main reason why the company was established is exactly the research, development and production preparation works related to the project subject.

The electric transport vehicle described in this application is a fundament of all the efforts and tasks undertaken so far and planned in the future. The company structure, main goals, financial planning is pointed towards project development and further – to commercial introduction to the market.

What makes the Messor company essential within the market is the precise objective that drives all the activities. We have a clearly stated point to be reached within the plan. The goal is the project subject described in the application.

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Messor Electric UTV is first of all a new product with new innovative technology and consequently better service to customers.

Dedicated to institutional and private customers, depending on the purpose and functionality – different assemblies of the rear of vehicle such as: Rear assembly, as: low, high, open, closed chest; waste bin; sand or salt box (vehicle equipped with a snow plow) to be used on sidewalks or roads; cooling chamber; a water tank for watering city plants, a tank or crate for leafs cleaned from the city paths and parks. Also a heavy duty option for higher loads is considered.

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